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Club Excellence Process (CEP)

Steps in the Process

Program Versions

  Pro is a facilitator-led workshop. It’s designed for clubs that would like to have a trained Lion facilitator come in and guide members through the workshop.


   Lite is a self-guided workshop.

 It’s designed for clubs that would prefer to have a member of their club lead the workshop.  

During a workshop, clubs gauge the success of their club by looking at the needs within their communities, determine strategies for improving club health, and develop goals and action plans for the continuous improvement of their club. Each step of the process takes approximately one hour to complete.   

 For planning purposes here are the steps in the process:

Why Are We Here? 45-60 minutes) 
  Recognize what your Lions have accomplished
  Discuss what your club could accomplish in the future
  Identify unmet needs in the community
  Plan to conduct a Community Needs Assessment 

What Makes an Excellent Club? (75-90 minutes) 
  Complete the How Are Your Ratings? survey
  Determine the characteristics of an excellent club
  Identify obstacles to achieving club excellence
  Analyze ways to improve club effectiveness  


  How Can We Determine Our Needs? (45-60 minutes)

   Review the Community Needs Assessment 

   Review the How Are Your Ratings? survey results

   Identify club and LCI resources for achieving excellence   


  What Can We Do Next? (45-60 minutes) 

   Set goals for the future

   Create action plans to achieve your goals   

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