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Alert Organization

Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of District 2-S3 Charities, Inc., has oversight of the Alert Program.  The Board of Directors of District 2-S3 Charities, Inc., shall consist of the District Governor, the Immediate Past District Governor, the 1st and 2nd Vice District Governors, the KidSight Program Administrator and the District Alert Chair.  The Board of Directors shall determine all policies and procedures for the Alert Program.

Alert Program Chair and Alert Committee


The Alert Program Chair is appointed by the District Governor and is responsible to report both to the District Cabinet and the District 2-S3 Charities, Inc., Board.  The Alert Program Chair will serve as Chairperson of the Alert Program Committee.



The purpose of the Alert Program is to provide funds for humanitarian projects and disaster relief to clubs within District 2-S3. The program strives to support projects that while falling into those two categories, will also have long-term or far reaching effects. Projects are favored that will provide benefits to as many people as possible.

Humanitarian Projects


Humanitarian grants can be issued in support of a broad range of projects designed to fulfill diverse needs. These grants will require a contribution of 50% of the cost of the project from the club requesting the grant. The grant amount cannot exceed $1,000.00.

Submitting An Application


The Matching Funds Request form and all supporting documentation should be sent to the Alert Chair. A brief notice of receipt will be sent to all applicants. A more detailed response will be sent after the review of the request. Applicants failing to respond to a request for more detailed information within 60 days of such request will result in the request being cancelled.

Request Processing


Upon receipt of a Charitable/Disaster Relief Fund (CDRF) request form, the Alert Chair will review the request for eligibility and immediately contact the Club to advise of receipt of the form. Additional information, if required, will be requested at this time. The Alert Chair will then submit the request to the 2-S3 Charities Board for approval. If approved, the Charities Treasurer will be notified to prepare a check for immediate disbursement for a Disaster request. For a Humanitarian project, the club will be notified to submit a check for the clubs 50% contribution to the project. Upon receipt of the club’s funds the Charities Treasurer will prepare a check for the full amount of the project and mail it to the club.

Disaster Relief


Disaster relief grants are made in response to natural disasters that cause significant mortality, injury and/or property damage and loss and cannot exceed $1,000.00.

Emergency Grants


The form requesting funds for Disaster relief may be emailed to the Alert Chair for faster processing if time is of the essence. Requests for emergency assistance must include a description of the extent of the damages, injuries or fatalities and a definite plan for the use of the funds. Emergency funds may not be used to provide direct financial aid to victims. They may be used to purchase such items as food, water, clothing, medical supplies, blankets and other basic necessities for the disaster victims.

Follow Up


The Alert Chair will review each grant to verify that the funds disbursed were properly used by requesting bills, receipts, or other documentation from the requesting club and if necessary demand return of any unused funds.



In reviewing grant applications, the Alert Committee will pay careful attention to the following factors:

    ~ A need is being filled. Applicants should provide a description of the current situation and how it will change after the project is completed.

     ~ Long term benefits. Projects that will result in a long term positive effect are preferred.

     ~ Number of people served. Projects serving several or many people are preferred.

     ~ Club financial commitment. Grants are made to assist in projects that are beyond a Club’s ability to individually fund a project.


The Alert Program will not fund:

     ~ Programs or services otherwise available through government, charitable or social welfare organizations.

     ~ Projects more appropriately the responsibility of the requesting club.

     ~ Projects that require funding on a continuing basis.

     ~ Projects through which LIONS and/or their families receive direct benefit or in which they may have a proprietary interest.

Charitable/Disaster Relief Fund

Matching Funds Request Form


Thank you and we will contact you.

CDRF Form Request

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