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Recently our San Marcos Academy Leo Club showed support for the State Leo Service Project of providing snacks  and fun activities for children who are undergoing cancer treatments at McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple.  We collected items for the Change the World project and also supporting our District 2-S3 Leo service project of supporting the Sunshine Kids Foundation.


The items collected from San Marcos Academy students, faculty, and staff, San Marcos Lions Club, and San Marcos Bluebonnet Lions Club totaled 2,063!  Fantastic!


Some cash was also collected and used to buy large quantities prewrapped, individual food items, and the remainder will be sent to support the Sunshine Kids Foundation.


Items were passed off to our State Leo Advisor, Darie McCleaves to be distributed.

San Marcos Academy Leo Club

Darie and Jean McCleaves unloading my van

(L-R) Nmachi Obioma, Joyce Njabi, and Brison Groves

Darie presented Nancy with the latest State Leo pin and several more for distribution to our Leos..

(L-R) Leo Club President Chimdi Ihediwa, Board members Blain Montgomery and Nmachi Obioma, and Joyce Njabi.

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